About us

Our company was born as a simple importer of  Spanish garlic a few years ago. As we were getting more experienced and compromised with bringing the best quality into the Baltic Countries, we decided to give some steps ahead, so we start our peeled garlic production. It has taken us some time until we have been able to offer the best peeled garlic in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. With 30 days shelf life our peeled garlic will satisfy your most demanding customers.

Our last step, has been developing the production line for Black Garlic. Following the traditional recipes for making black garlic, and after no little efforts we have fulfilled our dream. We are the first black garlic producer in the Baltic countries. For meeting our customers demands, we will produce black garlic from Spanish, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian garlic, allowing to our customers to offer national made black garlic.

Jordi Ferri