Black Garlic

Black garlic – benefits and challenges.

Black garlic is not a garlic variety, rather garlic in an aged state. The garlic is placed in extreme heat within a fermentation process lasting more than one month. It is then cooled and dried for another week. The method of aging garlic has been patented within the United States.

Black garlic has the immediate appearance of an aged, almost burnt garlic bulb. The individual cloves have a savory sweet taste, a pleasant molasses undertone with a subtle hint of a soy sauce creating the complex flavor of umami.

Aged Black garlic exerts stronger antioxidant effect compared to raw garlic, without decreasing the original effectiveness of the garlic.

Black garlic

Black garlic makes rich and complex purees and sauces. It can also be made into a butter compound, sautéed in oil, chopped or diced and added directly to pizzas, pastas, rice and legume based dishes. Black garlic pairs well with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, roasted pork, sausages, grilled white fish and shellfish, smoked meats, ginger, chilies, herbs such as basil and cilantro, truffles and sesame oil.

Black garlic isn’t just a culinary marvel; it is also beneficial to your health! The fermentation process doubles the amount of antioxidants found in raw garlic!

Black garlic is rising in popularity which could be good news for both our health and our diet.

The compound S-allyl-cysteine is thought not only to help lower cholesterol but also decrease the risk of cancer. It is proved that S-allyl-cysteine has cancer-fighting properties.

S-allyl-cysteine assists with the absorption of allicin, which could offer boosted protection against infections. Aged garlic extract can reduce the duration of a cold by up to 61%.

Antioxidants protect the cells from disease and are thought to slow down the aging process. Because black garlic is so potent, the heightened levels of antioxidants offering protection from free radical damage make it an ideal food for thwarting chronic disease. Free radicals damage cells leading to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, circulatory problems, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases.

In addition to its positive impact on blood pressure and blood lipids, it has immune-modulator activity, is able to retard arterial calcification, and even accelerates wound healing when applied topically.

Black Garlic – we sell

Currently offer our Black Garlic in following packing:

  1.  Black garlic, single bulb, net weight ~35 g, shelf time 6 months
  2. Black garlic, peeled, in pot, net weight 80g, shelf time 3 months.
  3. Black garlic, in bulk, shelf time 6 months.

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melnais kiploks mizots 80g 4


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